RF Communications was sent to a Dam Water Reconstruction job to Install 4G repeaters to create a data pipe to remotely upload and download job plans into excavators and dump truck onsite.

Because of the close proximity of the dam wall to the construction site there was very minimal 4 G Coverage with the site being in a remote area.

3 X repeater Sites were built up on the side of the dam wall to overlook the construction site from 3 different angles to surround the job site. 2 of the sites were 240 Volt powered and one of the sites was solar powered that would turn off during the night and repower back up during the day to conserve energy.

5 X Komatsu excavator loadout units had 4 G repeaters installed to enhance 4 G coverage locally on the machines and supervisor’s cars had 4G Repeaters installed to allow mobile phone calls and mobile data.

A Tower was constructed on the office building to allow 4G data to be retransmitted inside the building, including the mobile phone data. Also a UHF RTK transmitter was installed onto the tower to assist the survey team

Construction Time took 1 week and one visit to site to scope the job.


RF Communications was asked to build and construct a UHF RTK Network from Cameron’s Hill Mt Crosby to Molendinar on the Gold Coast being a total distance of 120 KM. Construction commenced in late 2006 and was delivered in 2008.

A Total of 8 Repeater GNSS base stations was constructed some of these used existing communication towers and others were a complete install using temporary communication towers and IP67 waterproof boxes.

This enabled the survey team to do Setout and pickups along the construction corridor and also the excavator to have the job plan loaded to assist them in the location and depth to dig.

Base Station Repeater Sites

  • Mt Crosby
  • Barclay Street Repeater Site
  • Kedges Road Water Tower
  • Springfield Balance Tank
  • Greenbank Teviot Road Pipe laydown Area
  • Darlington Range Repeater Site
  • Coomera Pipe Jacking Site
  • Molendinar Water Tank


The West Moreton Project Radio Reprogram came about because some of the radio spectrum was under a radio frequency embargo with the ACMA and also had to transition from 25 Khz channelling to 12.5 Khz channelling system.

West Moreton is a 3 Site Tait Analog Base voting system using CCIR signalling to assist users with ANI and also for setting off the emergency tones and blast tones.

Some of the Radio Repeaters had to be replaced because of the age of equipment and were not capable of changing to a 12.5 Khz channel spacing. Now all equipment is the same type and model. New Antennas and Coaxial cable was installed on all repeater sites and new Duplexers fitted for the new frequencies. All sites were adjusted for the correct balance of audio levels so the SINAD voter selected the cleanest audio to rebroadcast to all repeaters.

All Mobile Plant Two-way radios had new Firmware installed and new channel Profiles loaded and tested in the workshop and aligned before being reinstalled back into mobile plant. Antennas on all machinery were checked and verified that VSWR was all within specification and Radios Voted to Correct Sites.

Portable radios had new Firmware installed and new channel Profiles loaded and Tested in the workshop and also field tested to vote onto the correct repeaters.